After over a year of uncertainty and increasing public pressure, Vasiliy Ryjov received the right to remain in the United States.
Vasiliy Ryjov received wide-spread national sympathy and support following the attacks on September 11, 2001. His wife, Tatiana, was a victim of the World Trade Center attacks while working on the 91 floor of the second tower, losing her life while on the telephone with her husband. U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer, was noted for having rigorously pressed the New York Immigration and Naturalization Services on Mr. Ryjov’s case.
Following the tragic death of Tatiana, a Russian citizen- -Vasiliy’s immigration status became uncertain, despite the fact that his two young children (one a U.S. citizen, the other a permanent resident) could remain in the United States.
Michael Wildes, Ryvov’s attorney and a former federal prosecutor -- also represented Deena Gilbey – a British woman who was similarly left in legal limbo after her husband was killed at the Trade Center. Her case also attracted international attention until Wildes succeeded and she was awarded permanent residency in July.
Wildes stated: “Mr. Ryjov extends his thanks and appreciation to the good and kind people of the United States, whom without he would not have endured this ordeal, and to those at the INS, who, have agreed to permit his family to now remain on U.S. soil and go on with their lives,” concluded Wildes. Michael Wildes particularly singled out Senator Schumer’s efforts on Mr. Ryjov’s behalf: “We are grateful to Senator Chuck Schumer and his offices for their intervention, graciousness and steadfast support of the Ryjov family”.


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