Mayor Michael Wildes

20 North Van Brunt street , Suite 4

Englewood , NJ 07631




“Join Mayor Wildes in a community effort that will

help advertise your business.”




I hope you will join me in my efforts to encourage and influence the younger generation of Englewood . We need to motivate the energy of our youth! Recreation in Englewood fosters cooperation and camaraderie amongst the youth of our great city. With the completion of a much needed Recreation Center still years away, I write this letter so that we may join in some preliminary steps.


I have been involved with the Uptown Sports Foundation, an organization which addresses the recreational and social needs of the youth of our City. The Sports Foundation established a basketball league in 2001 and will be entering its 5 th year as an organized league.


Supported solely through private sponsors, the 2005 Uptown Sports Foundation summer league program will begin on Saturday, July 9 th , 2005 at McKay Park and will last for 9 consecutive weekends. Uptown Basketball games are strongly represented and the program has been recognized as a highly anticipated weekly social event for the summer, with the participation of citywide teams from surrounding communities.


As the Mayor of Englewood, I invite, encourage, and welcome you to commit your generous support to this league. If you would like to participate, to advertise your business, or to sponsor a team for the 2005 Uptown Basketball League season through a monetary contribution, please complete the bottom portion of this letter and return it to me at the address shown above.


Feel free to contact my office at (201) 569-7891 if you have any questions.





City of Englewood


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Name of Company/Business:                   




Telephone Number:                     




I wish to advertise/participate:


   $2,000.00 : Team Sponsorship – Includes Uniforms with your company name.


   $2,500.00 : Banner/Silver– Business (signage) banner displayed during summer league games with your     company's information, logo; etc.


   $5,000.00 : Team/Gold – In addition to silver, “Official” Sponsorship mentioned on PA system   throughout games.


   10,000.00 : League/Platinum– In addition to silver and gold, additional banner displayed; official

  sponsor on clothing apparel and trophies; promotional consideration on local television stations and DVD   distribution.      


   OTHER        (Any amount appreciated - - For scholarships to be awarded to youth).

I wish to participate in this way:                   


Checks payable to “Uptown Sports Foundation”

Kindly Return to: Mayor Michael Wildes

20 North Van Brunt Street, Suite 4 , Englewood , NJ 07631


Not Paid For With Government Funds.




Paid for by Friends of Michael J. Wildes, Claudia Colbert, Treasurer