The mayor is just doing his job

To the Editor:

I am writing this letter to respond to the irresponsible allegations made toward Mayor Michael Wildes in the article in The Record. It has been suggested that Mayor Wildes has assisted in securing funds for different organizations in the Englewood community for votes and political clout. These funds, according to some eager dissenting voices of the mayor, have been distributed as a political stunt and a manipulation of power. I am writing to state another opinion on the matter.

First, as an elected official for the city of Englewood I would hope that the mayor would have some concern for the organizations in his or her community and would want to see those organizations be as successful as they could be. Many of the organizations that received funds were given them to support their already existing or fledgling child/youth based programs. How does a mayor get vilified for seeing that programs designed for the city's youth find adequate resources? If the mayor had been contacted about the organizations in the community that could use resources and he did not know of any, would we see him as competent?

Would that speak to a mayor that was familiar with and cared for the community? If someone asked mayor Wildes what programs in your community could use additional resources to only answer "I have no idea" or "I'm not sure," would we have confidence in his leadership? Would we think that he really was involved with the Englewood community?

It is sad to say that the line of community-service and political agenda do get blurred in our city from time to time. That the desire to conquer one another instead of working together for the common good can often be missed in this community. That bad blood and bad memories and emotions get mixed in with the focus of what good government ought to be, this however I feel is not one of those times. If the mayor can find resources to share with so many of the different organizations that affect so many people of various groups and backgrounds, especially in this economy, why would we look at as manipulative leadership? Michael Wildes has tried as the mayor of Englewood to enhance its outreach to those in need, especially our youth. I don't think that's manipulative at all, I think that's what a mayor is supposed to do.

Dr. Wm. Marcus Small

Ebenezer Baptist Church, Englewood


Reproduced from The Suburbanite
Thursday, January 22, 2009
by Michael J. Wildes, Mayor, City of Englewood
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Englewood, NJ 07631


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