Mayor and Council for a Day

Englewood Council President Scott Reddin announces Mayor and Council for a Day

Six children from the Janis E. Dismus Middle School in Englewood have been chosen to participate in the first "Mayor and Council for a Day," on April 11, 7:45 p.m. at the Council Chambers located on S. Van Brunt St.  The six students were picked among dozens of applicants.  The students were screened by a panel consisting of Principal Peter Elbert, Student Government Advisor Rosie Rodriguez and other officials.

The six winners are: Jay Shah, 8th grade, Andre Young, Angeline Cazeau and Amir Ali, 7th grade, and Brittany Drayton and Monica Cuello, 6th grade.  Jay shah has been selected to serve as Mayor.  In Englewood, the City Council President is the person who presides over the meetings.  Amir Ali has been chosen for that position.

"I was very impressed with the students and their interest in local government," said Reddin, who met with the children recently.  "I hope this is an interesting and rewarding experience for them.  These are the type of people I would like to see running our government in the future."

There will be a reception for the children before the meeting.  Each council member will be paired up with a student so that they can answer questions that the students may have.  During the meeting, each student will read a statement as to why they decided to apply for the positions of mayor and council.  The public will be addressing their concerns to the "new mayor and council."

Reddin said he hopes this becomes an annual event.




Paid for by Friends of Michael J. Wildes, Claudia Colbert, Treasurer