Leading Immigration Lawyer Joins HotelExecutive as Contributing Editor to the Hotel Business Review


SAN FRANCISCO, CA, November 30, 2009 - HotelExecutive.com, the leading online hotel industry business resource is pleased to announce that immigration lawyer and Mayor of Englewood, NJ, Michael Wildes has joined the journal as a contributing editor to the website's primary business journal, the Hotel Business Review (online at http://www.hotelexecutive.com/business_review).

As partner of NYC-based preeminent immigration law firm Wildes & Weinberg, established by his father, Leon Wildes, in 1960, Michael has become internationally renowned for having represented the United States Government in immigration proceedings, for the successful representation of several defectors who have provided hard-to-obtain national security information to the United States and, most recently, for obtaining an injunction to prevent Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi from residing in New Jersey during the 2009 UN Summit.

Mr. Wildes holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from Queens College and a J.D. from Cardozo School of Law. He will author a six-part series on hot-button immigration issues facing hoteliers today.

“I’m honored to join the Hotel Business Review editorial board and feel privileged to be a part of such an impressive and resourceful group of industry experts,” said Michael Wildes. “I look forward to sharing my immigration law expertise and hope it will help better educate the hotel community about legal employment.”

"We are pleased that Michael is joining the Hotelexecutive.com family in this capacity," said Benedict Cummins, CEO and Founder of HotelExecutive.com, the publisher of the Hotel Business Review. "In addition to the company being one of the industry's most recognized law firms, Mr. Wildes’ will bring a new but very important component, especially amid reports of numerous immigration job raids, to our online business journal".

Elected Mayor of Englewood in November of 2003 and to a second term in November 2006, Wildes is recognized by the Democratic Party as a leading fundraiser for congressional and senate candidates throughout the United States, including Senators Hillary Clinton, Edward Kennedy, Joseph Lieberman and many others. He was voted one of the “100 National Up and Coming Leaders to Watch” by the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC), and the late Senator Kennedy said he had "high expectations" that Wildes would soon be joining him in the United States Congress.

About Wildes & Weinberg

Wildes & Weinberg is a law firm which is solely dedicated to the practice of U.S. Immigration Law. Founded in 1960 by Michael’s father Leon Wildes , Esq., a distinguished immigration practitioner in New York City, the Firm has concentrated its practice in all aspects of U.S. immigration and nationality law, servicing the immigration needs of prominent American and international firms, banks, industrial, financial and manufacturing concerns and law firms in connection with the personnel needs of their foreign national employees. In addition, we have done substantial immigration work for performing artists, directors, writers, models, actors/actresses, athletes, fine artists, art dealers, curators, and literary agents. For more information visit http://www.wildesweinberg.com

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