Leon and Michael Wildes at Yale University    


911 Leads to Wildes Being Called by Yale University


Englewood Councilman Michael Wildes is known for his work in Englewood fighting overdevelopment and City Council conduct he believes is questionable. However, Michael Wildes is far better known throughout the United States for his work as an immigration attorney.


A former Federal Prosecutor and a commentator on terrorism/immigration related issues on network television, Wildes is regarded as an authority on U.S. Immigration laws and controls. Since the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks, Wildes has represented not only surviving spouses, who faced removal by the INS, but has also been consulted by members of Congress and their committees for guidance in averting further attacks upon the United States by changing US immigration laws.


It is in this capacity that Michael Wildes was called upon by Yale University to lecture its many foreign students on the evolving U.S. Immigration laws that affect their status. The seminar, sponsored by the Yale University Association of Chinese Scholars (ACSSY), featured a panel of three immigration lawyers, which included Wildes and his father and law partner, Leon Wildes.


“In addition to briefing incoming freshmen, I reminded the continuing students that the rules and regulations had changed drastically since 911 and were likely very different from when they were first admitted to the United States to study,” said Wildes. “To avoid unnecessary problems, they had to be mindful of that.”


According to Wildes, special attention is given to male students who hails from Middle Eastern countries, including Pakistan and Malaysia . Students targeted in particular are those with interest in security sensitive fields such as microbiology and chemistry.  


With INS actively registering males from these countries at airports and at local INS offices, Wildes cautioned the students to maintain their Visa documents and urged the students to always have available their documentary evidence showing that they have maintained their status at all times.


It wasn't the first time Michael Wildes has been called upon to lecture on INS regulations and U.S. immigration law. He has lectured at Brooklyn Law School; Cardozo Law School as well as and Yale University . Wildes will be lecturing at New York University Law School in the near future.


Mr. Ke Li, a Yale student and president of the ACSSY stated: “It has truly helpful for Chinese and other international students” because he said many have heard about scores of individuals who have had visa problems.


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