Englewood Environmental Commission Plans Forum to Inspire Action


Citizens, businesses and government all have roles in promoting long-term environmental health.


Mayor Wildes (center) with Co-chairs of the commission

Crystal Brown (right) and Carolyn Stenzel (left)

The Englewood Environmental Commission will present a panel presentation, “ Englewood Green”, on Wednesday, October 17, 2007. Is Englewood doing enough to protect and enhance its natural resources? Are citizens doing their part to protect the long term health and vitality of the environment? Those questions and more will be addressed during this public forum. Light refreshments will be provided at 7p.m, with the meeting beginning promptly at 7:30 p.m. in the Dwight Morrow High School Library.


The program will include reports from various sectors of the government on how environmental stewardship and sustainable development are being achieved. Sustainability is attained when a balance is reached between supporting economic objectives and ensuring that we preserve a clean environment for future generations.


Englewood Mayor Michael Wildes said: “I am pleased to sign the U.S. Mayor's Climate Protection Agreement, which supports sustainability at the municipal level . The Englewood Green program will provide us with information to help us achieve and maintain sustainability. Everyone – citizens, schools, businesses, and government – play a role in this fundamental effort.”


The panel presentations, which will be moderated by Stephen Weissner, Executive Director of Flat Rock Brook Nature Center , will include ample time for discussion and questions.


Panelists include: Peter Aballe, City of Englewood Construction Code Officer; Glenn Garrison, President of the Englewood Public Schools Board of Education; Clyde Sweatt, Director of the Englewood Department of Public Works; Kenny Esser, Policy Advisor for Energy and Economic Growth in the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection; and Gray Russell, Environmental Affairs Coordinator for Montclair , NJ.

The Englewood Environmental Commission is charged with the protection and development of natural resources in the City. Co-chairs of the commission are Crystal Brown and Carolyn Stenzel. Both were appointed by Mayor Wildes who is charged with appointing the entire commission.





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