Distorting Wildes' Mayoral Record


Sunday, September 17, 2006

I read with amazement a highly critical letter of me from Robert Stern, my opponent in the Englewood mayoral election ("Blaming does not lead to change," Your Views, Sept. 14).

Stern, the independent candidate for mayor, has stepped over the line of truthfulness more than once in his public statements about me, either through omission or outright fabrication. In his most recent letter, he gives the impression that I am solely responsible for running Englewood and claims that I am avoiding my responsibility for the tragic fires that killed three innocents last month.

Englewood is a council/manager form of government. The mayor in Englewood has less power than either the City Council or the city manager. Responsibility for fire inspections, or a lack thereof, rests with the council and its staff.

The policies in place regarding housing inspections were drafted and passed by the City Council, some of whose members are Stern supporters. Is this a case of the best defense being a good offense, with Stern being used to run offense for his council supporters? I'll let the public decide that one.

Stern is right about one thing: I did "inject" myself into the fire inspection issue two years ago when members of the Latino community found their homes being randomly raided in a manner that violated their civil rights.

As an attorney and former federal prosecutor, I not only understood the constitutional issues involved, I was also offended by the city's blatant violation of civil rights. My speaking up did not endear me to some local politicians or the government employees who then needed to make an extra effort in the search process.

I can take the heat. It's my job as mayor. But let's be clear about one thing: The council's adoption of measures mandating how proper searches should take place did not absolve its staff of the obligation to ensure that searches are conducted.

Stern must know this. But it doesn't matter to him because he was run as an "independent" by politicians with an agenda: keeping a truly independent voice out of the mayor's office.

Michael J. Wildes
Englewood, Sept. 14

Reproduced from The Record

Sunday, September 17, 2006

by Michael J. Wildes, Mayor, City of Englewood

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