Chief O'Keefe, officially

Community gathers for swearing in of new top cop

By Laura D'Onofrio
Staff Writer | Jan. 15 2009

ENGLEWOOD — He may have been acting chief of police for some time, but you can now formally call him Chief Arthur O'Keefe. The bagpipes and color flags welcomed audiences to witness Englewood Mayor Michael Wildes swear in the new chief.

"No one stands better academically or experientially for this position. Chief O'Keefe is someone with the trust of the department and esteem of his colleagues," Wildes said.

Staff photo by Joe Camporeale

Englewood residents and officials celebrate the official swearing in of Arthur O'Keefe as the police chief. O'Keefe was the acting chief when David Bowman retired.

Photo: President of the Bergen County Bar Association Board of Trustees Joseph P. Rem, Jr., newly sworn in Englewood Police Chief Arthur O'Keefe flanked by Diane Clarke and Englewood Mayor Michael Wildes administering the oath.


O'Keefe took his oath: "I hereby swear to support the constitution of the United States and the state of New Jersey…with true faith and allegiance."

He began his speech by sharing that his rank as a policeman was supposed to be a one-year stint, for the "experience."

"It's been a long journey, 37 years, but it seems like I started only yesterday. Englewood is a great city filled with talented, wonderful and active people. Its diversity is its greatest strength. I look forward to working to make it a better place. Together we can achieve this," said the new chief.

O'Keefe also plans to use the experience of Englewood's past Chiefs of Police for guidance. "I appreciated the advice of former Chief Bowman and others. I sincerely appreciate and am honored by your presence here," said O'Keefe.

In a separate interview O'Keefe explained the position.

"I enjoy Englewood. It is an interesting city to work, but it does represent a challenge from time to time. Englewood represents all that is good about this country. Diversity brings expertise to city, where various faiths and backgrounds come together," said O'Keefe. "The challenge lies in that each demographic has personal interests that we have to be sensitive to."

The audience was filled with other members of the Englewood Police Department, various city officials and excited residents and friends.


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